Set of plastic parts of the interior 30-5301212 for GAZ M20 Pobeda Warszawa

# 30-5301212 -15% new
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Set of plastic parts of the interior

Set of plastic parts of the interior

new # 30-5301212
A set of plastic parts for the interior of the GAZ-M20 Pobeda car 3 series (1955 - 1958 years of production).
Made of modern plastic according to factory drawings.
The kit includes:

antenna handle with base
radio knobs
light switch knob
direction indicator shift knob
gear knob
hand gas handles -2 pieces
cigarette lighter knob
wiper knob
lining on the dashboard - 3 pieces
heater knob
damper knob
front sofa ashtray cover handle
door locks knobs (originally used rubber)
window handles  4pcs
sockets of internal door handles 8 pcs
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