Help for site

Why do we need to register? The registration is needed in order to avoid the log in of your requisites with each following purchase. Furthermore the registered users will be able to gain the accumulative discount system and to take part in the valuable prize draw. Also the registered users have a right to place the advertisement, to receive the renewal of the assortment etc. Also You get the access to the statistics of Your purchases. For the registration use the «Registration» form. Enter Your e-mail address, password and personal data.

Spare parts search. The easiest way is to use the search form in the top of the page. Enter the spare part name or the code according to the catalogue and push the button «Find». Also You may use the catalogue placed at our site. If You did not find the needed spare part, leave the request directly from the catalogue or use the form of feed-back at our site in the section «Contacts».

Order placement. You can place the order in a few ways: 

1. to make the order online via web-site — twenty four — seven. You need to add the spare part into Your cart, choose the needed quantity and push the button «Buy». If You are not registered yet, please, fill in all Your personal data. Check all the ordered parts and if everything is correct, push the button «Pay». 

2. Call us and place Your order via phone. Moreover You can get free consulting service from our managers.


1. Directly through the site via payment cards (Mastercard, Visa). 

2. Money transfer — Western Union, Paysend, MoneyGram (You need to inform the code to the manage after the transaction). 

3. Swift — the transaction to the indicated requisites. 

4. Cash on delivery via dispatch of goods by post.

5. Cash on delivery via dispatch of goods by delivery service «Novaya Pochta» around Ukraine. 

6..Cash to the courier or at the office.

7. Directly through the site via payment system PayPal.


1. Courier delivery around Kiev. 

2. Customer pick up. If the customer would like to pick up his goods, he has to coordinate the address of the measuring out with the manager. The delivery of goods and drawing up of the documents is performed at our office. 

3. Delivery around Ukraine is performed via dispatch service «Novaya Pochta». If «Novaya Pochta» is chosen, the manager would contact the customer and inform the way-bill number and the address of the goods delivery. The delivery payment is performed at the customer’s expense. Here the payment via cash on delivery is possible, the customer pays for the delivery directly at «Novaya Pochta» as received. 

4. Delivery around the world via «Ukrpochta». Delivery abroad is performed via «Ukrpochta» herewith the terms of delivery depend on the distance and work of the postal service. The company does not bear the responsibility for the terms of delivery. The cost is according to the rates of «Ukrpochta». Also there are the restrictions on the weight and overall dimensions. The customer coordinates the conditions of delivery of the oversized goods with the manager. 

5. Delivery around the world via EMS. Delivery by the international express delivery service EMS is performed around the world according to the rates shown at the site of the company.


Question: Where is your office situated?

Answer: Our address is shown at the section «Contacts». Also there You can find the location scheme and how to get to our office on foot or by car.

Question: What are your working hours?

Answer: We operate Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, off days — Saturday and Sunday.

Question: Can I get to your office and buy the goods there?

Answer: Yes, of course, but as our internet-store works off-line and the assortment of the goods is wide, we bring them to the office on an on-going basis of the orders. Please coordinate Your arrival with our manager in advance.

Question: What is the delivery cost around Kiev?

Answer: The cost of delivery depends on the location.

Question: Where can you deliver the goods?

Answer: We deliver Your goods to any city of the world.

Question: How long do I have to wait for the delivery of my goods?

Answer: It depends on the country of Your dwelling and the way of the chosen delivery. 

Question: It is shown at the site that the goods are not in stock. Is it possible to order these goods?

Answer: Yes, You may place the preorder. Unfortunately, we are not able to tell the accurate date of the goods entry on the stock, that is why as soon as the goods are available, we would contact You.

Question: I am confused with 100% prepayment. What guarantees do I get that you will send me my goods after the payment?

Answer: The prepayment is the usual workflow of the internet-stores. The guarantee is our reputation and your payment receipt from the bank. Our internet-store has been working for a long time and You can read the comments of the satisfied customers. We regularly take part in the various specialized exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia and around Europe. Also we send the goods via cash on delivery. If some of Your Kiev acquaintances can help You, ask them to buy these goods for You and then to send these goods to the point of Your destination.

Question: What is cash on delivery?

Answer: Cash on delivery is the method of payment when You pay for the received order (parcel) at the post office. This is very convenient that is why this method is the most widespread, but this variant is more expensive (about 25–30 per cent) than others because: 1) actually the order is sent on tally (the risk of non-ransom is laid into the cost); 2) with the dispatch we pay the post insurance charge in the amount of 3% of the cost of the parcel; 3) the cost of the insured box dispatch is more expensive than the cost of the regular parcel. In other words, we have to pay for the convenience.

Question: Where is my parcel? It has been over a month!!!

Answer: After the dispatch of the parcel we send You the code for the individual parcel tracking. One of the possible reasons — is incorrectly shown postal code. As a result the mail clerks will return the parcel back. Maybe at some point the mistake has been made (possibly at the transshipment) and Your order went in the wrong direction (rarely, but it happens). Unfortunately we can do nothing about it and we have to wait for the redispatching. But it also happens that Your parcel is already at Your post-office and the mail clerks do not have a time (or, maybe, idle) to draw or to deliver the notification. Or the notification «disappears» from Your post box… In this case try to concern at the post office yourself whether Your parcel has arrived (we insistently recommend to take Your passport or ID with You). And do not draw out it to a great length i.e. after a month this parcel (if it is not picked up by You) will be sent back to us and You will get to our black book (alas, the prose of existence…)

Due to the attack of russia against Ukraine, there may be longer than normal lead times. Shipping may be delayed 2-3 weeks beyond the dates provided on your confirmation. We are working closely with all our partners to deliver your orders as fast as possible. Stay Safe!

Question: I am writing to you and don’t get the reply. What’s the matter?

Answer: In case if You have not received the reply within 24 hours, most probably You wrote the wrong reply address or there are some technical problems with the letter receiving. Please, send Your e-mail again and the best thing is to send it from some other address.