Chrome plating123
If you are looking for a full-service copper, nickel, chrome plating company, then look no further than avtoclassika.com, located in Kiev,Ukraine
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Facing of interior elements of precious woods
Facing of instrument panels and interior elements of the car of precious woods. Used root. Cost $ 45 sq.dm
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Recovery dials
Recovery dials on GAZ M20 (2 series), set (clock, speedometer, Instrument cluster- .
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Receiver restoration
Any receiver gotten for the restoration is pre-tested to determine the quality of the receiver’s lamps, their compliance with the set of this receiver, as well as to establish its condition and if there were any alterations in it.
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Engine major repairs
We just do not overhaul the engine, we are restoring it to the original characteristics of the engine
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Restoration of classic cars
Our company produces high-quality restoration of vintage cars using the full technological cycle of the plant technology
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