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GAZ-21 Volga
  • Everything is original!
  • Mileage 82,000 km
  • Wonderfully preserved car!
  • location Kyiv, Ukraine.
22 105 $
A real "time capsule"! Original paint, interior fabric, wheels, engine in perfect condition! Everything is original for a reasonable price. A find for the collector and connoisseur of retro cars!
GAZ-21 Volga
GAZ-24 Volga
  • Year 1975.
  • Full original
  • Mileage 12000 km.
  • Color: beige. Original paint.
  • location Tallinn, Estonia
17 053 $
Offer for museums and collections. Absolutely new car, stood 47 years in a dry garage. No rust, complete original, native paint, small underpaints around the fender and one door. Engine runs perfectly, very smooth running. Original condition of the interior. On the European registration. ...
GAZ-24 Volga
Izh Jupiter 5
  • Izh Jupiter 5
  • 1991 year
  • Complete original.
  • Perfect storage.
  • Located in Germany.
4 000 $
zh Jupiter 5 legendary Soviet Russian USSR motorcycle with a sidecar, cleared by customs, new sidecar (it was still in a wooden box like in the USSR), all faded from long storage, was repainted to match the motorcycle. The motorcycle is in good working condition. Everything is working. Original Izh Orion wheels.
Izh Jupiter 5
GAZ-24 Volga
  • GAZ-24, 1 edition
  • 100% original.
  • Outside painting
  • Runs great.
  • location Tallinn, Estonia
20 000 $
Very rare early release. The car was originally in good condition, we carried out restoration (exterior painting, interior fabric cleaning, replacement of suspension RTI). Estonian registered car with black numbers.
GAZ-24 Volga
  • Lada Zhiguli 2101
  • Mileage: 8000 km.
  • Ocher color.
  • Complete original.
  • Perfect storage.
6 895 $
VAZ-2101,1976 legendary Soviet car. Full original (paint and interior, equipment and documents). Heated garage stored , rust free, excellent chrome, owners manual. 6000 actual miles. Rare find . Great piece for any collection or museum.
To buy a Russian classic car is not so easy. The market of rare cars is closed, so you should look in advance for a reliable dealer with an impeccable reputation and a full range of services to conduct an examination of the uniqueness and purchase and sale procedures. It is the Autoclassic store, which offers not only a huge assortment of spare parts for classic cars, but also Soviet retro cars themselves.

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Over the years, the store has a unique base of antique cars. Our collection of Soviet cars for sale in Germany and other countries of the world includes a large number of models. In our store you can see the such Soviet retro cars ZAZ-965, GAZ 24 Volga, ZAZ-968M, GAZ 21 Volga, Moskvich, GAZ-23, VAZ, GAZ M20 Pobeda and many other classic cars of the Soviet automobile industry.

Each ad has a photo of the car, as well as the main characteristics:

If you liked any old car, selling classic cars in Europe is carried out using feedback from the seller. On the website of the Autoclassic store, you must fill out a feedback form with the seller.

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Shop Autoclassic offers the most comfortable and favorable conditions for the acquisition of a favorite classic car. The main advantages include:

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