Engine gasket set Moskvich 412 412-GK for Moskvich-408 412

# 412-GK NEW new
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Engine gasket set Moskvich 412

Engine gasket set Moskvich 412

new # 412-GK
Set of gaskets for car engines Moskvich-412
412-1003020, - Cylinder head gasket (cylinder head)
412-1003270, - valve cover gasket
cylinder head hatch gasket
timing gear plate gasket
timing gear cover gasket
gasket between intake pipe and cylinder head
gasket between the exhaust pipe and the cylinder head - 4 pieces
 oil crankcase gasket right
oil crankcase gasket left
 oil crankcase gasket front (rear) - 2 pieces
oil pump housing gasket
oil CSF gasket to the block
petrol pump gasket
water pump housing gasket AB8-1307048
 cylinder head water jacket outlet pipe gasket
ignition distributor bushing gasket
exhaust pipe gasket
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