Carburetor Repair Kit K 129/131 (Full) K129/131 RK(full) for GAZ-21

# K129/131 RK(full) new
Carburetor Repair Kit K 129/131 (Full)
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Carburetor Repair Kit K 129/131 (Full)

Carburetor Repair Kit K 129/131 (Full)

new # K129/131 RK(full)
Kit include:
K129V-1107231 Main air nozzle
K124-1107207 Idle fuel nozzle
K126B-1107280 economizer valve assembly
K150-1107182 Screw
901718-0 Gasket, economizer valve
K129R-1107241 Idle air nozzle
K129V-1107235 Air nozzle main system assembly
K150-1107229 Gasket small diffuser
K126N-1107216 Sight window nut
K131-1107202 Main fuel nozzle
451305 Cork gasket
K131-1107012 Gasket float chamber
K131-1107014 Gasket of the mixing chamber
K59-1107325 filter mesh assembly
K126N-1107331 Valve needle
K131-1107309 Launcher housing gasket
K131-1107345 Diaphragm of the starter assembly
K131-1107105 Toxicity limiting screw
K126B-1107218 Valve
51-1107015 Gasket between the carburetor and the intake manifold
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