Hoses for centralized lubrication system 21-424240 for GAZ-21

# 21-424240 NEW new
Hoses for centralized lubrication system
Fitting tubes centralized lubrication systems
Centralized lubrication pump assembly
Triple fitting central lubrication system
Fitting corner centralized lubrication systems
Y-figurative fitting central lubrication system

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Hoses for centralized lubrication system

Hoses for centralized lubrication system

new # 21-424240
A set of hoses for the centralized lubrication system for the front suspension of GAZ-21 Volga cars of early releases until 1960.
Modern production, the appearance of the tips does not match the original, but is completely interchangeable with the original hoses.

The set includes:
21-4242025 Flexible hose to the sleeve of the upper threaded pin assembly - 2 pieces
21-4242045 Flexible hose to the king pin assembly - 2 pieces
21-4242035 Hose flexible to traction of a steering trapezoid assembly - 2 pieces
250615-P8 Nut M12x1.25 - 4 pieces.
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