Set of plastic interior parts 21-plast3 for GAZ-21

# 21-plast3 -5% new
Moldings dashboard. set
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Set of plastic interior parts

Set of plastic interior parts

new # 21-plast3
A set of plastic interior handles  GAZ-21 "Volga" and their modifications.
Material high-quality heat-resistant plastic. 
Available options for cars 1-2 series (1956 - 1962) and 3 series (1962 - 1970).

Set for GAZ21-3 series  consists of:
armrest lower part (4 pcs.)
antenna handle with base
radio knobs with buttons (with VHF waves)
air duct handles
knob central light switch
shift knob
gear knob
knob of manual gas
knob of lighter 
wiper handle
Pads over the steering shaft - horseshoe
heater knob 
flap handle
front seat backrest tilt knobs
power window handles (set of 4pcs with chrome inserts)
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