ZAZ 965

ZAZ 965

ZAZ-965 - Soviet subcompact car produced from 1960 to 1963. 

ZAZ-965A - modification with an engine capacity of 27 hp, produced from November 1962 to 1969. 

There were produced 322 166 vehicles of all modifications.

ZAZ-965 is a small Soviet passenger car. It was notable for its small capacity and affordable price, due to which it gained immense popularity. Production of ZAZ-965 began in 1960.

The prototype of the 965 model was the Fiat-600. A little later (since 1971), the ZAZ-968 appeared. It is believed that its prototype was NSU Prinz. The 968 model has completely changed in appearance compared to the 965. If ZAZ-965 was called "humpbacked", then 968 acquired the nickname "eared". Moreover, the changes affected the technical part. These classic cars have become more productive.

Later, another modernization occurred, after which the model 968A was introduced to the world. The last major changes were made by engineers in 1979. As a result, the 968M appeared. The 968 models used a 4-stroke engine with an air cooler (in ZAZ 968 and 968A - MeZN 968, and in the model 968M - MeZN 968n), a 4-speed gearbox, independent suspension.

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