Our new and unique parts

We present to your attention some of the details that we produce
or according to our drawings, and these parts are cheaper to buy only from us!

Картер сцепления, нижняя часть 

Clutch housing GAZ-12, lower part https://en.avtoclassika.com/car/gaz-12/193/21731/
Знак заводской на панели приборов в сборе

factory symbol on instrument panel https://en.avtoclassika.com/car/gaz13/1875/42109/

Шланг впускной и выпускной масляного фильтра тонкой очистки.

Hose inlet and outlet oil filter. https://en.avtoclassika.com/car/m20/51/160144/

Factory sign on radiator grille https://en.avtoclassika.com/car/gaz-24/686/170222/

Желоба опускных стекол дверей

Window channel of doors with Stainless Steel Bead https://en.avtoclassika.com/car/m20/21/355/

Уплотнители опускного стекла дверей на рамке окна

Sealings movable door glasses on a framework of window https://en.avtoclassika.com/car/m20/18/277/

 GAZ-21-23 automatic gearbox control mechanism https://en.avtoclassika.com/car/gaz-21/449/170598/

Engine brackets left and right GAZ-24-24 https://en.avtoclassika.com/car/gaz-24/691/170812/

And many more new spare parts you can find in the running line on our site in the section NEW ARRIVALS