The Moskvitch 400-42

Moskvich 400-420<br> Opel k38

The Moskvitch 400-420 was a car from Soviet manufacturer Moskvitch introduced in 1947 It is a modified copy of the Opel Kadett K38 (1937–1940) “Moskvich” was produced on German workshops, which were brought into the USSR during the war. Therefore, 90% of parts including body parts, rubber goods, chassis, transmission and engine components fit the Opel-Kadett-K38.

The choice of spare parts has always been an important issue, especially when it comes to Russian classic cars that require increased attention. In case of wear and loss, parts must be replaced.

If you need to buy spare parts for Moskvich 400-401 or Opel Kadett K38 (which is almost an exact copy), the online store Autoclassic is the best assistant. For restoration or repair, the catalog contains a wide range of parts.

Moskvich 400 - a small car in a sedan. Initially, it was a car with M-400 engine (2.7 l) and a 3-st. gearbox. However, in 1954 there was a big modernization. As a result, the car received a new index - 401. At the same time, several modifications were available to customers - a van, a sedan and a sedan for the disabled.

Also Moskvich 400 had a limited edition, which was released on the 800th anniversary of Moscow. A distinctive feature of the car was the presence of a special emblem in the form of a shield, which was located on the hood.

The price of spare parts for cars Moskvich 401 largely depends on their type. Depending on the condition, they can be:

  • Used;
  • Nos;
  • Restored;
  • Remodeled.

Sale of auto parts for Moskvich 401: assortment, terms of payment and delivery.

The spare parts catalog for low-volume cars Moskvich 400 includes the following categories:

  • Body;
  • Engine;
  • Steering mechanism;
  • Transmission;
  • Running gear;
  • Accessories.

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You can pay for the order in the following ways:

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  • SWIFT.
  • Cash on delivery of goods (the service is available only to residents of Ukraine).
  • Cash upon receipt of order.
  • PayPal.

It is possible to buy spare parts for Moskvich 400-401, Opel Kadett K38 in Autoclassic not only profitably, but also without risks. All products have a 1 month warranty. During this time, product return is possible. In this case, the client receives the money spent on the purchase of parts in full.

Spare parts for rare cars are delivered by transport companies (UkrPoshta, Novaya Poshta, EMS, UPS) both in Ukraine and anywhere in the world as soon as possible. The cost is calculated individually depending on the distance, country and carrier tariffs.