Driving a GAZ-23

Very rare Special USSR KGB car (chaser) for sale.



In 1960 year  Soviet KGB  (Committee for State Security), ordered from Gorkiy Automobile Plant to design a car to provide efficient pursuit, escorting and other special missions. The Customer (that is KGB) stipulated that the car must look exactly as usual "Volga" GAZ-21but more power.

 Over the years of production (since 1962 till 1970) 603 GAZ-23 cars got out of the gates of the plant. Now we know only about 19 copies of surviving cars of varying degrees of configuration.

The most powerful and modern at the time GAZ-13 eight-cylinder engine with automatic transmission and with little adaptation to the Volga engine compartment was chosen as the power unit. The vehicle was intended to ensure effective pursuit, to escort the motorcades, and to perform other specials tasks of the state security service and was able to reach "a hundred" in just 16 seconds, its maximum speed was 170 km / h. 

But let’s go back to our car. This car with the chassis number 00071 was purchased in 1985 at a consignment store in Moscow, before that it had worked at a secret space enterprise in the Moscow Region city.

This car after a complete quality restoration, there are all the differences of Gas 23 . The car was recreated exactly in the form in which it left the Gorky Automobile Plant in 1962. Up to the last screw. Full original. Interior materials are authentic and correspond to the year of manufacture. Velour ceiling, front seat of model 21L, the material and color of the seats are exactly how they would have been in 1962.

Exhaust system and mufflers from polished stainless steel are made according to original drawings. Car history and more details on for request. Two sets of tires (original and modern for everyday driving). The car is in Ukraine and can be exported to any country in the world. 

 This is a wonderful museum piece, which is ready to become the pearl of any collection.

This undoubtedly unique and rare car offered for sale only rises in price over time. She is not afraid of crises, fluctuations of the national currency, the crashes of the security markets or stock quotes. Over the years, she only becomes more valuable.