I loved VAZ

"I loved VAZ." 

I get upset every time when many people who want to restore their family cars cannot do it in our company. Despite the strange year, all the works places are really occupied. Museums and private collectors are waiting for their cars and they must be handed over in spite of everything - on time! In fact, it is always very uncomfortable for me to refuse people, so I recommend contacting our competitors, especially with many of their we are in good business relations. But, you know, there are also exceptions ... 

  A man turned to us for restoration of Niva. Not a complete restoration, only bring to the original and repair the transmission and chassis. And not only are we busy, and there is no free time, and there are not enough hands, and this is a little out of our profile, and much more .. 

  But when you talk to a person and realize the full depth of understanding and value of this car for him, you turn on yourself, and the process started ... The impossible is possible: a little more effort, time and organization of the workflow. At first I thought - well, what is there Niva, a lot of spare parts, just pay. But it was not truth. 

We, as manufacturers of many spare parts for classic cars of the Soviet period, are already spoiled by their availability and, in principle, there are no problems to bring Chaika, Volga or even the government ZIL into an authentic state. 

But find a banal molding on the Niva or an original gas tank plug with a combination lock? Thei is a big problem !! And I am glad that people appear in our country who take care of family heirlooms and their dreams. 

Everyone is happy with the result!