Restoration GAZ 21G Volga

The company ''Autoclassica'' presents to your attention an example of a rare and unique car GAZ 21G Volga of 1957 model year with the lower valve engine ''21B''. This engine is a modified version of the engine M20, used in the car Pobeda, and its power has been increased from 52 to 65 horsepower. This engine was installed exclusively on the earliest releases of the car GAZ 21 in 1957, when mass production of the engine "21A" with the upper arrangement of valves, characteristic for the model Volga, had not yet begun. The 21B engine was designed primarily for export versions of the GAZ-69 off-road car and light trucks of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, as well as the M-72 Pobeda all-wheel drive model.

This car was fully restored by Autoclassics specialists in perid from 21-23.


What is unique about this model. Basically from the model "Volga" it kept the body and interior, and everything else was inherited from the model "Pobeda", which facilitated its maintenance and repair.


The cars from the first 1500-2000 were produced with many differences, even from the cars of late 1957. Their differences are so numerous that listing them would require a large volume. However, we will mention the most notable ones:

When opening the hood of this car, you can immediately notice the unusual hood hinges with a vertical arrangement of springs. In this regard the engine compartment mudguards and hood are also different, because at least the hinges are attached differently.

The changes also affected the front beam of the car. Since the engine is different, the seating on the beam has changed accordingly.


The first 1957 GAZ 21G Volga had an inner rear window frame.

The inner windshield frame used completely different side panels that wrapped with material matching the interior trim.

The trunk lid was designed to fit a yellow license plate, as it was in 1946, and was painted black on the inside.

The radiator was equipped with a diffuser.

In general, the entire body of the car had a significant number of design differences from later models.

And these are just some of the many differences.

This car will take an honorable place in the line of cars restored by Avtoklassika.