Restoration GAZ 2495

Volga GAZ 2495, created at the beginning of 1970, was based on the GAZ 24 model. This all-wheel drive car was developed to order from the party elite of the Gorky Regional Committee of the CPSU, who needed a comfortable passenger car in a modern body and with increased cross-country ability. 

The development was headed by B.A. Dekhtyar. Line manager F.A. Lepedin, who had already successfully worked on the GAZ M-72 model, also drew up a layout plan for the GAZ-24-95 model. Therefore, the creation of the same car, based on the mass-produced Volga and units from UAZ, did not seem difficult. The ground clearance of the all-wheel drive "Volga" was 205 millimeters, weight - 1650 kilograms.

 Under the hood, a 2.4-liter ZMZ-24D engine with a power of 95 hp was installed, which was paired with a 4-speed manual transmission. 

All-wheel drive elements for this car were taken from colleagues from Ulyanovsk, specifically from the UAZ-469. The front axle was used as the rear axle of the Volga, only turned the other way around, with shortened stockings.

 The car was also equipped with discs taken from the GAZ 21 with a radius of 15 inches. 

The suspension became spring-loaded not only at the rear, but also at the front. The steering has been slightly modified. There was also a specially crafted oil pan. 

Despite the experience and the availability of most components, there were difficulties in designing the transmission. The angles of the driveshafts coming from the transfer case caused a lot of vibration, which could lead to a quick failure of both the driveshafts and the transfer case itself. Of course, listening to the noise and feeling the vibration in the cabin was not in the plans of the plant management. 

An attempt to place the transfer case lower reduced the vibration, but significantly worsened the permeability. After much experimentation and compromise, the transmission was improved by placing the transfer case lower without significantly affecting off-road performance. 

Increased noise and vibration isolation of the cabin. The seat material was specially ordered in Germany. 

Otherwise, the interior of the car has not changed. 

The machine was tested in 1974. In total, 5 such cars were created. One copy was handed over to Brezhnev for hunting. But, according to historians, this car did not become a favorite and was sent to the sludge.

 Another car went to the Gorky Regional Committee, one remained at the plant, one was handed over for testing to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the military department. 

To date, only 2 surviving and restored copies are reliably known. Avtoclassika is proud to announce the completion of a two-year restoration of the all-wheel drive Gaz 2495, also known as Brezhnev's hunting Volga. The car was supposed to be handed over in March 2022, but due to hostilities, work was stopped. 

At the cost of incredible efforts, in the complete absence of the necessary materials and spare parts, we nevertheless released it. Now we can already say that in fact this is one of the most difficult restorations, but the result exceeded all our expectations! 

Thanks to all our employees, colleagues and the Armed Forces of Ukraine!