Restoration of the ordinary Volga.

When all world in lockdown, but obligations must be done.

So, the next Volga Gas 21 left the gates of our workshop. As they say, good luck. let owner be happy.

This is family heirloom, it was produced in 1963, and restored not for selling. What is why we used only original spare parts.

In our opinion, it turned out not just good, but perfect!

Without false modesty, we can say this is the best restoration of the ordinary Volga for last time .

Of course, the result depends not only on the hands of the Master, but also naturally on the restoration budget.

The car came from the East of Ukraine. It stand  in the garage under the lock a long time and before that it was actively used for household needs.

In this regard, the "redneckers disign" was abundant.

But what to say, judge for yourself ..

It looks like as Volga, basically

Total rust


All welding work was carried out according to the protocol with observance of authenticity.

Step by step the project  turns into the car. 

and painstaking assembly process


in the result you can see Volga in authenticity