Restoration ZIM GAZ 12

Retro cars always attract attention. Their noble antique look satisfies people's desire to see something exotic and evokes pleasant feelings of nostalgia.

However, the restoration of such cars requires a special approach. The wrong choice of restoration methods or careless repair work can not only worsen the condition of the car, but also reduce its collectible value. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable restoration studio where qualified specialists will assist your rare car. 

Company "Autoclassic" is exactly what you need!

We are an experienced restoration shop that specializes in complete restoration as well as the restoration of the authentic exterior and interior of vintage cars.

Our specialists, in the summer of 2022, successfully restored one of the first representative cars of the USSR - the GAZ-12 ZIM, a six-seater, six-window, long-wheelbase sedan manufactured more than 70 years ago.

Restoring cars of this age is a laborious process, but our masters do it perfectly.

Gas 12 Zim in an authentic form should look exactly like this!


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If you want to know the history of this representative Soviet limousine, you can read about it on our website 


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