Our works of restoration

The restoration workshop Autoclassika specializes in high-quality restoration of retro cars, using a full technological cycle according to factory technology. 

Here you can see examples of our work over the past few years.

GAZ 2424 -KGB car

The company Avtoclassika.com offers its customers three levels of car restoration:

Economy Level  - this is demonstration quality, which is suitable for the operation of a retro car in everyday life. The use of non-original parts and interior elements is allowed, as well as the use of budget materials.


Exhibition Level - quality of work with adjustments for time and expenses. Restoration of chrome parts in Ukrainian factories, capital repair of power units, and the use of authentic interior and exterior elements.

GAZ 21 1 seria

Museum Level - this is a full restoration of a retro car using only original parts and authentic materials. Three-layer chrome plating of original parts.


Autoclassic company has extensive channels for the supply of necessary spare parts, as well as a large reserve of original parts. In addition, we closely collaborate with many clubs, museums and shops that assist in searching for missing parts - whether it be a small emblem, car hubcap, radiator or entire engine.

GAZ21 1 seria

GAZ 24

GAZ 21 3 seria

GAZ 2495

GAZ 21 Automatic gearbox

GAZ 23 KGB car


GAZ M20 G Pobeda

GAZ M20 Pobeda


IZH 49