Land Rover Defender 2000 after restoration

New times require new skills and flexible solutions. Land Rover Defender! A combination of classic restoration and detailing.

 A German customer wanted his car to be restored by professional Ukrainian craftsmen only! The project was really interesting.

 The car itself and the tasks were somewhat unusual for us, but we accepted the challenge! It was the first time we worked with leather, multimedia, and deck teak. 

There was a lot of excitement, and in force majeure situations, the adrenaline went through the roof. I think we did the impossible, because all the work was carried out in extremely difficult conditions of shelling, lack of personnel, light and spare parts.

 In the end, we worked with enthusiasm and fulfilled the TOR by 150% as a thank you to the customer for providing us with 10 ceramic body armor suits. 

This is a great help to our employees and their brothers-in-arms who defend our land. I am grateful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to work and represent Ukraine with dignity at the international level!