Collection of three legends


The three rarest Volgas in the world are ready to find their new owners. Connoisseurs of domestic automotive history have a truly unique chance to collect a distinctive and one of a kind complete collection of the most valuable and rare options of the beloved and respected star of the Soviet automobile industry.

There is no more iconic Soviet car than the famous Volga GAZ-21 - noble, elegant, with swift bold lines, luxurious chrome trim and a sacramental galloping deer on the hood of early-series cars. In almost all decisions Volga was a huge breakthrough for the Soviet automobile industry, giving its owners an unprecedented level of comfort and pleasure during their trips of the time.

It is not surprising because it was created with an eye to the best world models of those years and first of all in the spirit of overseas cars. That is why Volga was originally conceived as the first mass Soviet car with a hydraulic automatic transmission. And imagine, there really were Volgas with machine guns! There were only about 700 such cars produced.

And all the more surprising is the fact that there is a complete collection of GAZ-21 of all three series with an automatic transmission in Ukraine today.

first Volga

The car of the first series in an elegant pistachio color so characteristic of the early Volga - is an incredible rarity: this is the very first of all the GAZ-21 with a new overhead valve engine and a three-speed automatic transmission. 

Engine No. 0095 and chassis No. 1404 very eloquently emphasize with their numbers the exceptional rarity of this Volga. It was released in 1957 and donated to the miner-strike worker from Gorlovka.

Volga was a family heirloom until 2012 and then was transferred for restoration. The car retained all the valuable attributes of the Volga of the first year of production, including the inner edging of the rear window, amplifiers and hinges of the hood of an early copy.


second Volga

The second series is the beige Volga released in 1959 originally from Kramatorsk. It was also a gift to an outstanding figure in the country of the Soviets. Its engine compartment plate flaunts among the plates of the rarest Volga in the famous book of I. Paderin.


third Volga

The spectacular purple Volga of the third series is a special purpose vehicle with index 23 ordered by the KGB of the USSR. Over the years of production (since 1962 till 1970) 603 GAZ-23 cars got out of the gates of the plant. Now we know only about 19 copies of surviving cars of varying degrees of configuration.

The most powerful and modern at the time GAZ-13 eight-cylinder engine with automatic transmission and with little adaptation to the Volga engine compartment was chosen as the power unit. The vehicle was intended to ensure effective pursuit, to escort the motorcades, and to perform other specials tasks of the state security service and was able to reach "a hundred" in just 16 seconds, its maximum speed was 170 km / h. This car with the chassis number 00071 was purchased in 1985 at a consignment store in Moscow, before that it had worked at a secret space enterprise in the Moscow Region city.

All three Volgas have undergone a complete restoration in the hands of competent professionals and experts. Fabrics of seats and cords on doorways, interior and exterior elements, and most importantly - technical nuances: each of the vehicle parts is fully consistent with the originals and factory documentation.

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