GAZ-21 "Pink Flamingo"

So, 1968, a local writer, a small but important town in the industrialization of the USSR, which was not even on the map, finally, for his outstanding work he receives not a bonus in monetary terms, but a piece of paper, it is a coupon for a brand new car from the GAZ factory ... The car was not his dream at all, it was his neighbor dream, comrade Sme ... sky, with whom he lingered more than once in the evenings over a glass of cognac. Having received a coupon at a bargain price, the head of the taxi company comrade Smee .... sky began to gather to visit GAZ in Gorky city. A bribe in the form of cognac turned out to be so good to the director of the plant that Ivan Ivanovich Kisilev personally took part in the choice of the car with the guest. There were a lot of cars, but those standing on the edge stood out ... in color. Defective product - the chief engineer briefly explained. Export - the understood .... comrad Smi..sky.

Such a car would have looked harmoniously somewhere in Cuba, but Zheltye Vody good for it too, thought Smee .... sky. In those years, Zheltye Vody, or as listed in the documents "Mailbox No. 28", was a closed city. There was not much to drive to. So, back and forth to the envy of the rest of the people. Time passed, the owner died and left for permanent residence in another world, the car became orphaned. But, after 45 years of oblivion and a little maintenance, it came to us under its own power. 

The color "pink flamingo" is popularly called it, or simply pink as it was written in the original passport. In this color, according to the factory palette - "Austrian pink" with a burgundy interior, this car was really not intended for the Soviet domestic market, which is why it is unique even today.

Who will get this museum piece in such perfect condition?


To be continued ...