Encyclopedia of cars:



In 1948 NAMI designed some small electric van prototypes. Test batch included 3 smaller NAMI-750 (payload 500 kg) and 3 bigger NAMI-751 (payload 1500 kg) trucks. After testing these trucks were tested Moscow they went into production but in LAZ production plant. There comes the name NAMI-LAZ.


First batch of smaller NAMI-750 trucks in LAZ plant was ready in 1951. After that it appeared that nobody really needed them and production was canceled. Still these 20 trucks were used in 1952-1958 in Moscow and in Leningrad to deliver post.


LAZ-NAMI-750 has 2 electric motors 2,85kw each and LAZ-NAMI-751 has two 4 kw electric motors. Battery lasted for 55-70 kw and max speed 30-36 km/h.