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GAZ-21 Volga
  • Color- deep black.
  • Full restoration.
  • Salon - as the original.
  • Location - Kharkov.
  • O.B.O
35 239 $
After the complete restoration of 2016. Great car for the museum. All parts are original, new, very careful assembly. Or best offer! Salon: new fabric for the original. Chrome: all recovered. Documents - full order.
GAZ-21 Volga
GAZ M20 Pobeda
  • Color black.
  • Full complex restoration.
  • Exhibition quality!
  • Location- Kharkov, Ukraine.
39 129 $
Great car for a private collection. After a complete restoration. All parts are original, new, very careful assembly. Interior material matched close to the original. Or best offer!
GAZ M20 Pobeda
GAZ-21 Volga
  • Year 1959.
  • Mileage 35000 km.
  • Color Gray.
  • Partial restoration.
14 143 $
The car is in good condition after partial restoration. The interior fabric was changed and exterior painting was performed. Original. Garage storage. Runs good.
GAZ-21 Volga
GAZ-21 Volga
  • Gas 21-1 series with automatic transmission.
  • Chassis number 1404!
  • Body number 1458.
  • Engine number 00095.
  • The color is light green.
70 714 $
GAZ-21 of the first series with an automatic transmission.Completely restored with new chrome, full original , absolutely all new parts from Soviet stocks, new upholstery, professional paint. Great piece for any collection or museum.
GAZ-21 Volga
GAZ-24 Volga
  • Year 1978.
  • Full original
  • Mileage 90000 km.
  • Color: burgundy.
  • Original paint.
11 786 $
The car is in excellent condition! Everything is original, interior, wheels, engine. There are a few repainted parts Garage storage. Runs good.
GAZ-24 Volga