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GAZ-24 Volga
  • Full original
  • Mileage: 7542 km.
  • Color Blu.
  • Good restoration.
  • Location Kiev Ukraine.
8 250$
Good car for everyday driving. Ideal price-performance ratio. Restoration of the main components and assemblies, modern painting. Full original.
GAZ-24 Volga
  • Full original
  • Mileage: 34000 km.
  • Color Beige.
  • Service book.
  • Ideal safety.
6 600$
legendary Soviet car. Rare find in this condition. Brand new! Full original (paint , interior, engine), original equipment and documents, owners manual. Heated garage stored.This car runs great and is a very fun driving vehicle. Great piece for any collection or museum.
Moskvich 407
  • original car interior
  • excellent quality of restoration
14 300$
original car interior excellent quality of restoration
Moskvich 407
GAZ M20 Pobeda
  • Color black.
  • Full complex restoration.
  • Exhibition quality!
  • Location- Kharkov, Ukraine.
36 520$
Great car for a private collection. After a complete restoration. All parts are original, new, very careful assembly. Interior material matched close to the original. Bargaining for real buyer .
GAZ M20 Pobeda
GAZ-21 Volga
  • Year 1959.
  • Mileage 35000 km.
  • Color Gray.
  • Partial restoration.
13 200$
The car is in good condition after partial restoration. The interior fabric was changed and exterior painting was performed. Original. Garage storage. Run good.
GAZ-21 Volga
To buy a Russian classic car is not so easy. The market of rare cars is closed, so you should look in advance for a reliable dealer with an impeccable reputation and a full range of services to conduct an examination of the uniqueness and purchase and sale procedures. It is the Autoclassic store, which offers not only a huge assortment of spare parts for classic cars, but also Soviet retro cars themselves.

Buy a classic car in Ukraine and in other countries of the world

Over the years, the store has a unique base of antique cars. Our collection of Soviet cars for sale in Germany and other countries of the world includes a large number of models. In our store you can see the such Soviet retro cars ZAZ-965, GAZ 24 Volga, ZAZ-968M, GAZ 21 Volga, Moskvich, GAZ-23, VAZ, GAZ M20 Pobeda and many other classic cars of the Soviet automobile industry.

Each ad has a photo of the car, as well as the main characteristics:

If you liked any old car, selling classic cars in Europe is carried out using feedback from the seller. On the website of the Autoclassic store, you must fill out a feedback form with the seller.

Buying retro cars of the USSR: advantages

Shop Autoclassic offers the most comfortable and favorable conditions for the acquisition of a favorite classic car. The main advantages include:

In the store, customers have the opportunity to choose a payment method convenient for them. The following options are available:

It is also worth noting that Avtoklassika company provides a full range of services for the sale and maintenance of retro cars. Support both technical and legal. It includes:

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