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The company provides not only the services for the sale, restoration, and maintenance of classic cars. We provide comprehensive technical and legal support for the selection, purchase, and evaluation of retro cars, delivery of retro cars, customs clearance, execution of a sales contract for a foreigner, determination of authenticity and specifications. For ten years on the market of antique cars, we have collected a unique database of technical literature on Soviet retro cars. Also the support of the German and American representatives is a guarantee of the precision of our work.
For the initial verbal consultation just call:
+ 380504621106 in Ukraine or +49 (0) 17684256067 in Germany.

 1.Buying a retro car

The first question that every future owner of a retro car has is the search and selection of the necessary vehicle. Today, there are many dealers and sellers of retro cars. We should also mention the Internet sites, which are widely spread today: unfortunately many sellers take photos at a favorable angle and make a good description, therefore, in any case, we recommend you to take a look at the car before you buy it, to carry out its diagnostics and examination or at least a test ride. Remember that the cost of whipping into shape a problem retro car may exceed the price of the car itself. If you do not plan to drive a car yourself - you can accredit the question of choosing a car to the specialists. A search with clearly formulated wishes will provide an effective result with objective costs (payment of working time, transportation, and overhead charges). All the necessary actions can be taken by the employees of the company "Avtoklassika."

Our work includes:

  •   • 1. Visual inspection of the vehicle.
  •   • 2.Technical and sensor monitoring of a retro car (checking all components and assemblies of a car in different driving conditions)
  •   • 3. Assessment of specifications, authenticity, and collection value of the vehicle.
  •   • 4. Checking the legal purity of the car.
  •   • 5. Determination of its real market value.

In case of necessity we conduct an independent assessment of the collection car.

 2.Execution of retro cars for export.

The second question is related to the delivery of a retro car to European countries and its customs clearance. If the task of delivery of a car from anywhere in the world is purely technical, we should pay more thorough attention to the issue of customs clearance. Unfortunately Ukraine has not yet adopted a law on retro cars and so far in the case of car export abroad, we are guided by a decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. But since the interpretation of some provisions of the decree may be ambiguous, the delays at the border with registration and admission often take place. In order to avoid this, our lawyers will competently compile a set of documents and obtain expertise – permit for the export.

 3.Estimated cost of repair - restoration of the vehicle.

According to the preliminary application at a time convenient for you, our employee will conduct an inspection and partial damage detection of the vehicle, will agree on a list of your wishes and answer your questions. In accordance with the results of preliminary actions, we will provide: a detailed estimate for the repair of your car, a schedule of the work performance, a list and cost of replacing of non-original parts and components, also we will prepare the necessary documents.

 4.Examination of classic and collection cars.

Like any financial investment, purchasing a classic or collection car requires a serious approach. It is required to understand terminology, brands, and models of cars, classification of retro cars, technical parameters. So buying an expensive and rare car is not the key to a successful investment. There are many nuances and subtleties that can negate all the costs.
For example:

- the risk of buying a non-original car, i.e. under the guise of the original oldtimer they sell a vehicle made nowadays (copy),

- cars with "newly made" parts: engine, body or other significant non-original parts,

- cars converted from the "budget" version. (Using the massive available model as a donor in the course of the repair the vehicle gains the appearance of a more expensive car).

In order not to avoid mistakes, you should contact the experts and professionals specializing in this. You can take full advantage of our experience and knowledge of the market of classic and collection retro cars.

Restoration of the car always costs more than you think. Work on the restoration of the vehicle lasts longer than you expect. Unskilled restoration of a retro car can render null all the costs. Recreation of the car is justified only when you are sure that this is the dream of your whole life. However, many people who have made the right choice multiply the invested funds for 5-10 years, classic cars become more expensive over time. They are not afraid of crises, ups and downs of the national currency, the fall of the bond markets or stock quotes. Over the years they become more expensive. The pleasure of owning a dream cannot be appreciated by any wealth of the world.

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