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GAZ-21 Volga
  • GAZ-21 2 series, with chrome.
  • After repair.
  • Salon - leather.
  • Location - Kiev.
11 790$
Partial restoration 2012. New: brake system, fuel system, tank, exhaust system, glass, American tires with a wide white stripe. Salon: automotive leather. Chrome: partially restored, partly original. Documents for export.
GAZ-21 Volga
GAZ-13 Chaika
  • Car for spare parts.
  • No rusted.
  • Original engine&
  • Original axes.
  • Location Kyiv.
14 278$
Body Gas 13 Chaika for parts. Body was partially welded. I set original engine with all attachments and air filter, automatic transmission, rear axle, front suspension. Original wheels. All sorts of moldings . Possible assistance in picking new parts. The ideal donor for restoration.
GAZ-13 Chaika
GAZ M20 Pobeda
  • Color beige.
  • Cosmetic restoration.
  • Good condition for a reasonable price.
  • Location- Kiev.
15 132$
Great car for amateur . The perfect price-performance ratio. Restoration of the main components and assemblies. Interior material is not original. Soviet chrome is not restored. Bargaining for real buyer .
GAZ M20 Pobeda
GAZ-21 Volga
  • Year 1969.
  • Mileage 35000 km.
  • Color blue.
  • Full restoration.
  • Location - Ukraine
16 657$
The car is in excellent condition after full restoration. The interior fabric was changed and exterior painting was performed. Original. Garage storage. Run good.
GAZ-21 Volga
GAZ M20 Pobeda
  • Multicolor.
  • Full complex restoration.
  • Museum quality!
  • Location- Kharkov, Ukraine.
35 910$
Great car for any museums or private collection. After a complete restoration. All parts are original, new, very careful assembly. Bargaining for real buyer .
GAZ M20 Pobeda
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